Fashion of the Pandemic: From Angel Wings in the Classroom to Sombreros at Burger King

The COVID-19 pandemic has had people sheltered in place around the globe for over eight weeks. Now, as people emerge, a new fashion has been created as a need to maintain social distancing. It seems everyone is on board with creating their own form of fashion, too, and some big brands are all in.

In Germany, Burger King decided to have a little bit of fun with the desire to reinforce the rules. The old-fashioned paper crown has been given an upgrade so that it is the size of a giant sombrero. These paper crowns are given to patrons to ensure that they’re keeping their distance from other diners.

With the photos of the crown-shaped sombreros blowing up Twitter, many Whopper-goers are hoping that the fashion makes its way into the U.S. Burger King locations, too.

It’s not just Burger King getting a fashionable update, either. Cafes throughout Europe have fashioned hats made out of pool noodles. It’s not runway-worthy, but it is certainly worth pointing and laughing. It gets the job done, though, so that’s what people are more concerned with.

Classrooms throughout certain parts of China are requiring students to wear angel wings. Photos have been surfacing of what it’s going to look like as kids start to return to schools.

With the angel wings strapped to every kid’s back, it allows for the six-foot social distance to be maintained. With many people wondering how to keep kids away from each other in the classroom, it seems as though districts in China already have it figured out.

Gap, the U.S.-based fashion empire, wants to put its own spin on the pandemic. They’re taking it from an everyday approach by offering fashion masks. These are based on the CDC guidelines, though they come in a variety of different patterns.

The masks showed up on the site’s website a few weeks ago. While some patterns are already on backorder, the brand has shown that they’re willing to help people avoid germs while looking good while they do it.

There are a few other aspects of the pandemic that is going to make its way into everyday fashion, too. People have been practically living in their pajamas and sweatpants for months because of the shelter in place orders. The idea of suddenly switching back into jeans, khakis, and dress pants is too much for some to consider.

As such, it seems as though sweatpants are going to be around for a while – and fashion brands will be taking advantage of it. Not only will there be more sweatpants on the shelves for the fall but also parachute pants and more that focus on comfort more than anything else.

If any of the countries have figured out how to have fun with the pandemic fashion, it’s definitely Germany. They are, after all, the first ones to be able to debut the paper sombreros at Burger King.

Since the burger joint has claimed a sombrero for social distancing, they’ve really left Taco Bell scrambling for a unique idea. Germany’s restaurants are also big on using pool noodles, with quite a few restaurants straight-up telling diners that they need to wear them if they want a seat at the table.

It’s probably better to give the social distancing fashion a try as opposed to the creepiness that some restaurants are trying to take by using teddy bears, dolls, or mannequins at every other table. T

he idea is that it would seem less empty if they fill the tables. Perhaps, but using dolls and wax people is creepy, and they don’t make for good dinner companions. If a survey were done, it would likely be found that most people would rather wear pool noodles to dinner.

Who knows, Germany may be on to something. The top New York restaurants may get rid of their sport coat requirement in favor of pool noodles by the end of 2020.