Chicago Mayor Silences the Masses at City Council

Rudy Balasko /
Brandon Johnson insists on calling himself the “progressive” Mayor of Chicago and has been making waves in the Windy City since he took office. Walking into a living nightmare of an office, nobody said the job would be easy, yet that seemed to be exactly what he expected. Elected in April and sworn in back […]

Republican Megadonors Make Their Choice Against Trump

Julenochek /
At this point, it’s no secret that former President Donald Trump is the GOP member to beat. However, that’s not who a number of Republican megadonors are throwing their money behind. It was announced on Tuesday that Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action, a libertarian political advocacy group funded by a number of industrial and corporate […]

BOA Faces $12 Million in Mortgage Fines

Tero Vesalainen /
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced $12 million in fines for Bank of America (BOA). Levied for falsely reporting mortgage lending dates to the feds, they blatantly cooked the books. Thus far, BOA has yet to admit or even deny the claims. At the heart of the claims in the CFPB consent order are […]

Even the Least Popular American Governor Polls Better Than Biden

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
By now, I’d say pretty much everyone knows and agrees that Biden isn’t a very good president. In fact, his latest approval rating puts him even lower than America’s least favorite state governor. According to the Morning Consult taken Monday, Republican and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is officially the least liked of his kind. Apparently, […]

Russia’s Latest Military Budget Should Scare Us All

Anton Brehov /
It’s always important to pay attention to what Russia is doing. They always seem to be a wild card in the world. Considering we don’t have the best relations with them, we have to watch to ensure that we can stay on top of any move they make. Recently, Russian President Putin signed a national […]

Woke Christmas Tree Farm Sends the Wrong Message

blrz /
Christmas is the time to be joyful and triumphant. It’s also important to remember the reason for the season: Jesus. Christmas tree farms shouldn’t try to send any kind of political messages. Instead, they should focus on being merry. Apparently, one tree farm in Virginia didn’t get the message. Rather than using typical Christmas icons […]

The Shopping May Be Prime, but These Former Employees Say the Compensation and Equality Were Secondary

Julie Clopper /
On November 20th, the lawsuit we all knew would be coming eventually showed up. Three Amazon employees filed suit for discrimination as well as accusing the company of reprisals following their actions to raise issue with discrimination and pay inequality. Caroline Wilmuth, Katherine Schomer, and Erin Combs are employed in different roles within Amazon’s corporate […]

Former Porn King Ron Jeremy Gets Compassionate Medical Release With Rape Case Still Pending

s_bukley /
In what can only be classified as an “O. Henry” twist, former porn king and legend with frat boys, Ron Jeremy, was forced to have his lawyer beg for compassionate release. Placed under a conservatorship earlier this year due to advanced dementia, the once infamous “Hedgehog” is but a former shell of the man he […]

Coverup: Secret Service Has Three Vials of DNA Evidence from the White House Cocaine Baggie

DedMityay /
Jesse Watters on Fox News has refused to let #CocaineGate rest, and the story just took a major turn for the weird. It probably won’t be too surprising to anyone to learn that the FBI and the Secret Service have been lying about the baggie of cocaine all along. There’s a massive cover-up underway, and […]

The Rock Tells Joe Rogan How His Dem Friends Feel About Biden

Fred Duval /
As Republicans and conservatives, we’d love to say that Biden has no chance in hell of winning the Democratic nomination, much less the general election and another four years in the White House. But according to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, even if Democrats don’t like Biden, they may be loyal enough to party… The topic […]