New Biden Regulation Could Nix One Million Jobs

Brian A Jackson /
As you know, Biden and his administration are trying to “build back better.” However, as at least one manufacturing leader says, Biden’s only destroying industries in the US. Enter Jay Timmons of the National Association of Manufacturers. According to him, Biden has made plenty of promises and statements about being for manufacturing in the US […]

Frozen Embryos Finally Have Rights in Alabama

Svitlana Hulko /
Mid-February saw Alabama take landmark steps towards protecting all children with a ruling that frozen embryos are to be classified as unborn children. As such, anyone destroying them could be held liable. The case centers around the Center for Reproductive Medicine, specifically if they can be held liable under the charge of Wrongful Death of […]

California Democrats Want Your Insurance to Narc on You for Owning a Gun

a katz /
California Assembly Member Mike Gipson (D) thinks he has the best idea for tracking guns in California. In a new bill, AB 3067, he is pushing for insurance companies to do the work of building a gun owners database the state has failed to get. “This bill would require an insurer, by January 1, 2026, […]

Abbott Goes Full Stratego: Plans to Build Giant Military Base at the Border

Lost_in_the_Midwest /
In a move that could only be described as pulling a page straight from the playbook of a Stratego board game, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has decided that the best way to deal with what he perceives as the Biden administration’s immigration policy equivalent of a shrug is to go big. And not just Texas […]

ICE Fights Failed Bill With Plans To Release Thousands of Detained Migrants 

chrisdorney /
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has devised a plan to release thousands of detainees currently being held in facilities. This new “strategy” follows the Senate’s failure to pass a bipartisan border bill that would have provided $6 billion in supplemental funding for ICE enforcement operations.  The plan aims to slash ICE detention levels from […]

Pittsburgh Schools Train Math Teachers to Avoid the Inherent White Supremacy in Math Classes 

Ground Picture /
Once again, the school system is challenging math’s inherent racism. How did we get here, and why is math considered “racist?”  While mathematics itself is not considered inherently racist, discussions around the topic of race and mathematics often revolve around issues such as educational disparities, biases in teaching methodologies, and inequities in access to math […]

10 Bodies Pulled from Austin Lake as Locals Fear Serial Killer on the Loose

Roschetzky Photography /
Police in Austin, TX, have fished the bodies of ten young men out of a local lake in the past year. The discovery of so many bodies has locals wondering if there is a serial killer on the loose. The police say that’s not the case, but then again, investigators have not been very open […]

Tucker Carlson’s Latest Bombshell: A No-Holds-Barred Interview with Vladimir Putin

ID1974 /
On February 6, Tucker Carlson, the former host of Fox News, confirmed that he was in Russia with the intention of interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin. This announcement came after rumors about Carlson’s presence in Moscow and a teaser he shared on social media platform X about the upcoming interview. Despite the inherent risks of […]

Mayor of Small Town Plays the Race Card When Called on the Carpet

Gustavo Frazao /
Democratic Mayor of Dolton, IL, Tiffany Henyard found herself boiling over when reporters called her out on February 5th about her spending habits since she’s been in office. As expense reports come in, members of the town board don’t trust how she’s been spending the money, so they are sitting on them unless fully explained. […]

McDonald’s Comes to the Realization They Killed Off Their Main Customer Base

Gargantiopa /
Fast food has operated for over a century. Largely able to trace its roots to classic French peasant dishes that gave cheap and readily available cuts of meat style and flavor, it took America by storm. Of all the things that are quintessentially American, fast food is one of the top things on the list, […]