Study Proves Vaxed Patients More Likely to Die from COVID

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Three years after the COVID mRNA vaccines were hailed as the greatest scientific and medical discovery of all time, evidence continues to mount that the shots were more deadly than COVID-19 itself. A new study from researchers at Ohio State University shows that people who took the COVID shots are now much more likely to […]

Dollar General Bids Farewell To Self-Checkout Counters Amid Surge Of ‘Creative Shoppers’

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Dollar General is implementing significant changes to address the persistent issue of retail theft affecting its stores nationwide. The retailer is set to remove certain high-theft items and is also moving away from self-checkout systems, which have been identified as vulnerable points for shoplifting, according to a report by Fox Business. In a strategic shift, […]

POLL: Would RFK Jr Get Your Vote?
There are three candidates to truly choose from in the General Election. You’ve got Biden, who is showing signs of cognitive decline. You’ve got Trump, who could be in jail. And you’ve got Robert F Kennedy Jr running as an Independent. Would you consider voting for RFK Jr? Take our quick poll now: Can’t see […]

Trump Today, You Tomorrow: The Perils of a Politicized Justice System

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After a Manhattan jury found Donald Trump guilty on 34 felony counts, it’s no surprise that his critics are celebrating what they view as long-overdue accountability. But let’s be honest here—this isn’t just about holding Trump accountable; it’s about punishing him for daring to be a thorn in the side of the left. Ana Navarro, […]

Elon Musk’s ‘New & Improved’ Twitter Now Offers Unlimited Porn With A Side Of Regret

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In a significant shift, Elon Musk’s X (formerly known as Twitter) has declared that consensual adult content may now be shared on its platform. However, there will be specific rules and regulations governing these materials. X is currently grappling with sexually explicit content being disseminated through accounts called pornbots, which link to sites like OnlyFans. […]

Reminder: Joe Biden is a Nasty Jerk You Would Never Invite to Your House for Dinner

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As we head into the summer months before one of the most consequential presidential elections in American history, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of what a nasty, obnoxious a-hole Joe Biden is. Ever since the 2020 election, the lying fake news media has been telling us what a “decent” […]

Justice Samuel Alito Won’t Recuse from January 6 Cases

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Democrats in Congress have been trying to get Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to recuse himself from presiding over any cases related to January 6. The reason is because of the flags that Mrs. Alito flies outside their Washington, DC, area home. Because Democrats are completely unscrupulous and will do literally anything to win, they […]

Dems Playing Guilty Verdict For All It’s Worth 

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Former President Donald Trump’s “guilty” verdict in the hush money trial wasn’t even an hour old before Democrats used it to leverage support for their side in local and congressional races, especially in swing states where a 2024 victory is anything but certain.  Within 20 minutes of the news, New York Democratic candidate Mondaire Jones […]

Watch: Joe Biden Falls Asleep for 90 Seconds During Memorial Day Ceremony

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The White House dragged Joe Biden’s decrepit frame to the Memorial Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday. Old Joe looked like he had one foot in the grave himself. The ceremony took an incredibly insulting turn, however, when Biden fell asleep and appeared to have pooped his pants once again. It wasn’t as […]

Trump Supporters Are…Everywhere?

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Trump has been getting some support in surprising parts of the US, including Biden’s hometown of Scranton and even AOC’s district of the Bronx. Is this a good thing? A surprise? Take the poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.