Watch: Joe Biden Falls Asleep for 90 Seconds During Memorial Day Ceremony

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The White House dragged Joe Biden’s decrepit frame to the Memorial Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday. Old Joe looked like he had one foot in the grave himself. The ceremony took an incredibly insulting turn, however, when Biden fell asleep and appeared to have pooped his pants once again.

It wasn’t as if Biden simply nodded off for a second or two and then forced himself to stay awake. That would have been bad enough. He takes a full-on nap at the ceremony.

It’s just the latest sign of how much hatred and disrespect Joe Biden has for our military and especially for those who have given their lives for our country. Memorial Day is supposed to be a solemn time during which we pay tribute to soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

But not for Joe Biden! For Sleepy Joe, the ceremony is the perfect time to sneak in a nap and a BM.

Some people might think we’re being conspiracy theorists for pointing out that Joe Biden is having an accident in his pants—but come on. Any parent who has ever potty trained a toddler can tell you exactly what’s happening in this video when you look at Joe’s facial expression. He may be asleep, but he’s totally going for it.

This isn’t quite as bad as the time when Joe Biden checked his watch as the American caskets were coming home from Afghanistan, but it’s a close second. How disrespectful does a person have to be to fall asleep and then take a nap during one of the nation’s most important holidays?