Another Day, Another Case of Insider Trading From the Left

Despite the best efforts from the left to distract Americans with new allegations about former President Donald Trump, news about China’s rhetoric, or nonsensical headlines most could care less about, the truth always comes out. Their latest truth is the uncovering of how corrupt their investment practices have become. Starting with Speaker of The House […]

Fox Raises the Question of FBI Planting Documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence

Following the FBI raid on former President Trump’s investment crown-jewel residence in Mara-Largo, Florida there has been an outpouring of support for him and questions about just how politicized the FBI has become. Even after leaving office, President Biden and the rest of the left don’t want to leave the man alone. In his four […]

There’s No More Help for the Disabled As State and Federal Funding for Long Care Facilities Runs Dry

Private agencies that provide care for the mentally and physically disabled are in dire straights due to a lack of state and federal funding. This, coupled with the lingering effects of COVID-19 and skyrocketing inflation has left many facilities near penniless and unable to provide much-needed services.  Agencies that have been hobbling along for the […]

As Monkeypox Races Through to LGTBQ Groups, the Feds Have To Tiptoe Through the Tulips

While the 1970s and early 1980s brought the globe a lot of good things, the progression and rapid spread of HIV and AIDS showed the American people a lot about their fellow man and the government. With reports initially that it was only affecting the LGTBQ community, the initial outcry went strongly against the community. […]

Democrats Still Think We Want Electric Cars

Electric cars are expensive. And the government has yet to prove how they’re any better for the environment than the gas cars we drive now. With the power grids being unstable, we’ve even heard messages about how we shouldn’t charge the electric cars in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY. That’s crazy, right? If electric cars […]

IRS Finds Tax Evader and Charges Her with Stealing from the Public

The midterm elections have the Democrats running scared. They all witnessed what happened in Virginia when Democrats tried to subject the people to forced rule. Voters took to the ballot box, replaced the corrupted liberals, and put level-headed Republicans in office. People that act like President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer have only […]

Biden’s Failures with Black Voters Look to Cost Democrats Votes

After years of relying on the black vote to get them over the hump, many Democratic organizers are telling their people not to count on that vote for the 2022 midterms. People like President Biden have failed so badly that many blacks no longer feel they can trust them. In turn, many have even started […]

Another Democrat Comes Out of the Woodwork To Claim Biden Won’t Run in 2024

As we wait for the 2022 midterm elections, people are already coming out to talk about President Biden and the Presidential election of 2024. Much like Super Bowl odds, we are opening this topic earlier and earlier each year. On August 2nd, Rep. Carolyn Maloney stood for a congressional primary debate when the question was […]

Iran Claims They Are Armed and Prepared To Speed Up “Turning New York Into Hellish Ruins”

Iran has found itself in uncharted territory this year. With Russia out of play in the world oil market, and US sanctions making it nearly impossible for them to sell their oil, they have little reason to care about additional economic sanctions against their country. They still have many people not eating and others barely […]

Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Talks About Chinese Economic Coercion 

The United States and Japan are taking the lead to counter the efforts of China to use their economic power to force political change in countries around the world. The two nations are also working with other like-minded countries.  The U.S. ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanual, talked about this effort in a Tuesday interview with […]

Female Prisoners Assaulted in Indiana While Guards Look the Other Way

Prisoners are supposed to serve their sentences. However, they aren’t supposed to be harassed or even sexually assaulted while they do so. Yet, as a result of greed and indifference, prison guards decided that they’d make a profit – and female prisoners had to pay the price. There’s still an investigation going on to find […]

North Korea Hasn’t Undertaken Any Aggression and Is Already Threatening Nuclear Weapons

Kim Jong Un has been standing at his podium spewing hatred for the US and any other country on earth not named China for years now. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, this man is deliriously convinced that his nation is among the best in the globe, and nothing will ever convince […]

And Then There Were Four…The Remaining Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump…It’s Primary Time

Every action has its consequences. Good, bad, or otherwise, the piper will eventually pass the collection plate. A few years have passed since Donald Trump was sitting in the impeachment chair, but the memory remains clear of the four Republicans who voted to lop off his head and are now running for reelection. Their day […]

Mayor Learns Just How Bad of an Idea Being a Sanctuary City is

As you know, the Biden administration has done little to nothing about the ongoing crisis at our southern border. As a result, our facilities are overwhelmed, border agents and personnel are overworked, and the resources intended to help out only cover a small portion of the need required. As you also know, border states that […]

Putin Pulling Out from Space Station and Running Straight for Another Cold War

Putin is not responding to the global pressure in the slightest, and he seems to have no fear of any repercussions from the West. Russia has announced that it will pull out of the International Space Station after 2024. And they will from this point on be building their orbiting outpost, according to Russia’s new […]

Leftists Fought to Cancel Pro-Life University Speaker… Let’s Just Say Their Plans Backfired

Getting tired of the cancel culture of the political left and their followers? Well, it seems that the rest of America is too. And that just might include academia now. Or at least that’s the message the University of Michigan Medical School gave this past week when left-wing students tried to get a known pro-life […]

Almost One Third of Americans Are Ready To Take Their Government Back With Firepower if It Comes to It

No matter which way you slice it, the US government is in trouble. Americans are tired of having a president that doesn’t have our best interests at heart. Right now as it stands we don’t even have one who has his own best interests as his main concern. Instead, he just has a mind full […]

Michigan to Allow Parents to Claim Their Unborn

With the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court, states pretty much everywhere are reviewing their laws and regulations surrounding pregnancy, birth, and healthcare. As you would expect, some of the more conservative states such as Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana have taken advantage of their now-right to ban abortion on multiple levels. […]

Federal Judge Has Denied Texas Dems Attempt to Let Illegals Vote

Just when you thought the Dems couldn’t come up with another way to encourage voter fraud and illegals casting ballots, the great state of Texas comes along and surprised everyone. Now thanks to US District Court Judge Fred Biery comes along with a decision that spells out just how horrifically wrong the Democrat’s argument for […]

DeSantis Wishes America a Speedy Recovery from Biden

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a pretty good shot at President Joe Biden in a Friday night speech. While the president is in recovery from the COVID virus, DeSantis wished “the United States of America a speedy recovery” from his presidency. DeSantis was speaking to 5,000 people at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. He […]

Families of Murdered US Citizens Want Captured Mexican Drug Lord Extradited so They Can Watch Him Die

In the 1980s, Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero was a loyal servant of El Diablo himself. He and his soulless gang of hombres’ left trails of blood everywhere they went and they didn’t care whose it was. Some of that blood belonged to Americans. After all of these long since passed decades, Quintero’s day […]

China Warns Pelosi That Her Visit to Taiwan Could Awaken the Sleeping Dragon

No matter where she goes Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will catch some flak for her decision-making while there. While normally just a pitfall of the job (or a perk depending on your perception), for her in this situation it could prove to be disastrous for not only her political career but for […]

Alleged Liberian Warlord Shot to Death After Fleeing to Canada…Was Justice Served?

Bill Horace was an accused Liberian warlord who allegedly committed some of the worst crimes against humanity imaginable. He had to Canada to escape punishment in his native land and was shot to death in his home in London, Ontario in 2020. On Father’s Day of 2020, Bill and his wife were awakened by breaking […]

Small Business Owners are Getting Thrown to the Wolves in Biden’s America

Small business owners, for years, were the backbone of the economy. They helped to keep the economy thriving. “Shop local” was a concept that people loved because it meant that they were supporting those within their own communities. Unfortunately, Biden’s America doesn’t believe in providing support to small business owners. Whenever something happens, the support […]

Historically, More Voters of Color Are Turning to the Right To Fix the Mess the Dems Have Made…the Numbers Are Shocking

One for one and one for all was the battle cry of America in the aftermath of 9/11. In a rare moment of solidarity, citizens locked arms in unity as retaliation took precedence over political differences and strongly rooted opinions. Siblings are allowed to fight amongst themselves but no one else better try anything. The […]

Democrats Suffering Under Joe Biden As Many Are Concerned About Their Future in Washington

President Joe Biden and his administration have made a terrible mess of the country. The southern border is being primarily neglected, supply chain issues continue to mount, international issues are growing, gas prices are out of control and inflation is still rising. All these issues exist because the president refuses to put America first and […]

Will Trump Run in 2024? He’s Been Meeting With High-Profile Donors but So Far Hasn’t Asked for a Cent.

If Donald Trump plans on running again in 2024, when is the announcement coming? Trump has been courting some of his high-profile supporters with lavish dinners at intimate locations away for nosey journalists who might prematurely reveal his future plans. For now, let them speculate.  The dinner meetings have so far taken Trump to Houston, […]

Biden Can’t Wait To Make a Deal With Mexico With Hopes of Opening the Border

President Joe Biden is trying to insert himself as a world leader by visiting other countries and inviting select visitors to the White House. His latest act is set to bring Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to Washington to discuss trade and the southern border. Biden knows that he made a spectacle of himself […]

Israel Wins Big as Biden Meets With Saudi Prince

Joe Biden has to live up to his mistakes and big mouth as he is set to finally speak with Mohammed bin Salman who is the Saudi Crown Prince. The president has been avoiding the prince because of alleged human rights violations. Biden thinks that the prince is responsible for supporting and violating people’s rights. […]

Biological Sex is Affirmed Through One Gay Couple’s Actions

The liberal left has been telling us that biological sex doesn’t matter. It’s fluid. It can change based on what a person wants to be. And depending on what measures a person wants to take, it’s possible to change sex. Not gender, sex. If that’s true, then it doesn’t really matter what sex your child […]