SPECIAL REPORT: Who’s To Blame For Not Telling You About Election Fraud?

(Liberty Bell) – We all know the 2020 election was rigged and stolen and that Joe Biden did not legitimately win 81 million votes. It’s an utter fantasy. We expect the leftist establishment media to suppress information related to actual proof and evidence of election tampering and fraud but as we’ve all come to realize, […]

CONFIRMED: Buffalo Killer Wasn’t Conservative… Despised Fox News, Greg Gutfeld

(Liberty Bell) – Over the weekend a self-identified “white supremacist” opened fire in a busy New York grocery store, killing ten people and wounding three. The left wasted no time pinning this heinous act on conservatives, specifically Fox News and wildly popular host Tucker Carlson along with Ben Shapiro, Greg Gutfeld and other conservative media […]

Watch What Camera Caught Bernie Sanders Doing On An Airplane

(Liberty Bell) – One of the things that the radical left often gets slammed for is their hypocrisy. These folks just love to lecture all of us about how we need to pay our fair share, especially the top one percent. You know, the “rich people.” They act as if there is no greater evil […]

BREAKING: Clarence Thomas Speaks Out On Supreme Court Leak

(Liberty Bell) – Legendary Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas stated last Friday that the leak of the draft opinion that could potentially lead to the overturning of the despicable Roe v. Wade decision that made the murder of the unborn legal has done significant damage to the court. “I do think that what happened at […]

WARNING! Network Health Expert Warns AGAINST COVID Boosters

(Liberty Bell) – According to a report from WND, Joe Biden’s top medical adviser, the infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci, has come out in a recent interview and stated that with immunity from COVID-19 vaccines beginning to wane, “we’ve got to get people boosted.” Boy, this guy is bound and determined to make the pockets of […]

ALERT: Payer Of Hunter Biden’s Tax Bill Spied On ‘My Son Hunter’ Movie Set

(Liberty Bell) – A report from WND has revealed that the attorney who paid off Hunter Biden’s egregiously large $2 million bill in overdue taxes flew aboard a private jet to Serbia in order to infiltrate the film set of an upcoming movie concerning the censored story of “Biden family corruption,” which is based on […]

JUST IN: Parents’ Group Speaks Out After Reportedly Being Targeted By Merrick Garland’s FBI

(Liberty Bell) – The leaders of a parents’ organization, which is made up of mostly concerned moms, that was reportedly targeted by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that it is Garland himself who is “the terrorist.” According to The Western Journal, Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice recently told the Daily […]

Melania Trump Breaks Year-Long Public Silence To Call Out…

(Liberty Bell) – First Lady Melania Trump, who spent a great deal of time and effort during the time she spent in the White House with her husband, President Donald Trump, calling attention back to the children the world seemed to forget, recently stated that the infant shortage happening in America is “heartbreaking.” According to […]

MUST-SEE: Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Slams Biden

(Liberty Bell) – It’s really surprising that the most wealthy Americans seem to be so supportive of the Biden regime, and the left in general, despite how openly anti-personal wealth the radical left is. It’s rare that the nation’s billionaire’s, with the exception of Elon Musk, publicly say anything critical of the Biden regime but […]

BOMBSHELL: Biden Removing 5 Organizations From Terror Blacklist

(Liberty Bell) – The Biden regime is hard at work making all kinds of misguided, politically-motivated moves despite the potential for backlash and negative outcomes. The most recent of these moves is the upcoming removal of five extremist groups from its list of foreign terrorist organizations. All five groups are believed to be defunct but […]