Here Are 42 Biden Officials House Republicans Have Put On Notice

(Liberty Bell) – House Republicans are gearing up to hold the Biden regime accountable after they take control of the lower chamber of Congress on Jan. 3, 2023. They’ve put at least 42 regime officials on notice ahead of what is sure to be a flurry of GOP-led investigations starting with the new congressional session. […]

Hunter Biden Investigator To House Republicans: ‘This Is Totally About Joe Biden’

(Liberty Bell) – Years before the bombshell revelations contained in the New York Post report concerning the now infamous laptop of President Joe Biden’s miscreant progeny Hunter Biden dropped just days before the 2020 presidential election, Peter Schweizer, along with his Government Accountability Institute, presented documentary evidence that showed there were at least five members […]

Biden Rocked On Morning Of 80th Birthday As His Worst Nightmare Comes True

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden probably didn’t have the stellar birthday celebration he was hoping for when he received his present from billionaire owner of Twitter Elon Musk. Can you guess what the gift was? How about former President Donald Trump having his account on the bird app reinstated on Saturday, the day before […]

BOMBSHELL: Wife Of Special Counsel Investigating Trump Donated To Biden, Produced Michelle Obama Documentary

(Liberty Bell) – Some new information has come to light concerning the wife of Jack Smith, the man recently appointed to be the special counsel set to investigate former President Donald Trump concerning classified documents he had in his possession after his term in the White House ended. It’s being reported by Ryan King of […]

Special Counsel Investigating Trump Was Major Figure In IRS Targeting Of Conservative Non-Profits

(Liberty Bell) – Jack Smith, the special counsel that has been appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to look into former President Donald Trump’s possession of classified information, just so happens to be a central figure in the now infamous Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative non-profit organizations, according to a report published in 2014 […]

Biden’s Border Chief Resigns After What He Got Caught Doing… Is This Why It’s So Bad?

(Liberty Bell) – Chris Magnus, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, has officially stepped down from his position over the weekend, according to a press release that was put out by the White House, said the Daily Caller. Okay, when is Joe Biden going to step down over his lack of action to resolve […]

Obama Event On ‘Disinformation’ Features Spreaders Of Disinformation

(Liberty Bell) – The Obama Foundation held an event on Thursday where they discussed the hottest topic in the world right now, “disinformation,” and featured an organization that allegedly has ties to spreading disinformation, along with a historian who has been heavily criticized by many individuals in her field. By the way, for those who […]

Republicans Rev Up Investigations Into Bidens, COVID, Jan. 6

(Liberty Bell) – Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives are now gearing up to launch a wide array of investigations to look into everything from vaccine injuries and the origin of the coronavirus to the politicization of the FBI and the Hunter Biden scandals. It’s about time, right? We need to send a message […]

MUST-SEE: John Fetterman Advisor Lashes Out At Media — Can’t Ask Questions Senator Won’t Understand

(Liberty Bell) – After Joe Biden “won” the presidency in 2020, it apparently opened the door for other brain-damaged candidates to take political office. In Pennsylvania, the highly anticipated Senate race ended in massive disappointment when radical leftist John Fetterman won, defeating his Republican opponent, celebrity physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Not only will Fetterman fall […]

Governor Declares ‘Invasion’ At Texas-Mexico Border

(Liberty Bell) – The Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens that have been crossing over the southern border into the United States ever since he took office, which has now put so much pressure on the states in that area of the country they are taking matters […]