Bannon Warns Dems: GOP Will ‘Decertify’ Stolen Election

(Liberty Bell) – The Arizona audit did find fraud and lots of it. While we’re still waiting for action to be taken in regards to the audit’s findings, the reality is that the fraud was discovered and we can now know beyond a doubt that the 2020 election was, in fact, stolen by the Democrats. […]

BREAKING: Cher Issues Dire Warning: “If Dems Lose House Or Senate We’re F***ed.”

(Liberty Bell) – There are a whole lot of obnoxious celebrities out there these days who are voicing their opinions about politics, the vast majority of which are super progressive, with a few to the far left of Karl Marx. Lots of these boneheads preach to the masses in what we can only imagine are […]

Obama Adviser Pleads Guilty To Stealing Over $200,000

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats have absolutely no shame. They will do anything to maintain power, control and social standing. Former Obama adviser, Seth Andrew, has just proven this to be totally true. Andrew, who served as Obama’s education adviser between 2014 and 2016, pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges after stealing $218,000 from a charter […]

BOMBSHELL: Fauci Financials Leaked… The Public Had No Idea!

(Liberty Bell) – There’s a principle derived from Christian Scripture that says you “reap what you sow.” Well, this is a lesson that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director for the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and current White House chief medical adviser, is learning the hard way. Apparently, Fauci has been convinced by […]

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Says Banks Gave Him 30-Day Ultimatum, Issues Huge Challenge Instead

(Liberty Bell) – MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell recently stated that bankers aren’t warming up to him due to his political activities, so he’s promised that he won’t make life easy for them either. Lindell made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program Friday where he revealed the names of two banks that he said […]

BREAKING: Maine Doctor Loses License, Ordered To Undergo Psych Evaluation For Treating Covid Patients With Ivermectin

(Liberty Bell) – You know you’re living under a communist regime when the government, the media and the medical industry are all pushing the same narrative and the same lies. The US is officially a communist country. A Maine doctor is facing the possibility of permanently losing her medical license after it has been suspended […]

ALERT: Looking For Proof Biden Is A Racist? We’ve Got Evidence Right Here

(Liberty Bell) – It’s not exactly a well kept secret to say that Joe Biden has a bit of a racist history. However, he’s not just a racist. In fact, he’s more like a cranky, twisted old dude who pretty much hates all human beings regardless of skin color or ethnicity. So I guess that […]

WARNING! Biden Admin Creating Enemies List Of Religious Americans Rejecting Vaccine Mandates

(Liberty Bell) – What could be more holocaust-esque than mandated experimental vaccines for a mostly harmless virus? Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime don’t want you to have to wonder that, that’s why they’ve started a registry for Americans who have declared a religious objection to the vaccines. Things truly just keep going from bad […]

WARNING! Washington Announces Plans For ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated

(Liberty Bell) – We’ve all witnessed the steady decline of liberty here in the United States and around the globe as the coronavirus pandemic has stretched into its second year now, watching with utter shock as places like Australia start making “internment camps” for those who either get COVID or who refuse to take the […]

BREAKING: CDC Chief Makes Startling Admission About COVID Deaths, Media Can’t Believe It!

(Liberty Bell) – When the COVID charade first began two years ago in the early months of 2019, if you dared to suggest that some people would die from COVID-19 because they are just at higher risk (like the elderly or those with weakened immune systems) you would have been crucified on social media and […]

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