JUST IN: 5 Republicans Who Voted For Trump Impeachment Have Learned What It Cost

(Liberty Bell) – Do you remember the names of the five GOP members who voted in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump? If you happen to have forgotten, I can refresh your memory: Tom Rice, John Katko, Fred Upton, Adam Kinzinger and Anthony Gonzalez. And each and every one of them has paid a steep […]

Watch As Biden Shakes And Screams During Speech

(Liberty Bell) – On Tuesday, Joe Biden showed up to give a speech at the AFL-CIO, the largest confederation of union organizations in the US, but ended up yelling and screaming at the audience in a strange lecture that was completely disconnected from reality. Biden rattled off excuses for all that troubles Americans and tooted […]

MUST-SEE: Photo Of Barron Trump Goes Viral

(Liberty Bell) – A photo of President Trump’s youngest son Barron began trending on social media Sunday in which Barron is pictured towering over a smaller woman. While most people were politely surprised to see how tall Barron is, leftists used the opportunity to mock and ridicule Barron and the Trump family. No surprise there. […]

JUST IN: Republican Eyeing WH In 2024 Commits Political Suicide Live On Fox News

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats aren’t the only ones who are completely out of touch with Americans. RINOs like Rep. Liz Cheney (WY) and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL) have been making a name for themselves as traitors to the GOP but they are far from the only ones. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson proved on Sunday that […]

VIDEO BOMBSHELL: Trump Just Responded To Whether He Will Run In 2024…

(Liberty Bell) – Americans are anxious for change. The current regime is doing massive damage to our country and if something doesn’t give soon, all just might be lost. Our hope currently lies in the midterm elections coming up in November but beyond that, who will be leading the GOP in 2024 is still not […]

JUST IN: Car Dealers Reveal An Alarming Problem With Your Electric Vehicle

(Liberty Bell) – Electric cars are far from the great solution to all of our problems that Democrats tout them to be. If the pressure of record high gas prices is getting to you and you think buying an electric car will alleviate it, you’d better think twice. Electric vehicles are being sold as the […]

Who Is Really Running The Country? The Answer Will Shock You…

(Liberty Bell) – Political writer Wayne Allyn Root has given tons of speeches all across the United States over the course of the last month, all of them in front of very conservative crowds, a few business leaders, patriots, and Bible-believing Christians. According to Root’s recent piece published by the Gateway Pundit, he’s not at […]

Elon Musk Does It Again: Puts Bill Gates In His Place… And 1 Word Is All It Takes

(Liberty Bell) – Elon Musk has proven he won’t be intimidated by the world’s elites and he won’t be bullied into submitting to their agenda. He has a mind of his own and oftentimes that mind is aligned with what’s in the best interest of Americans. It’s hard not to like the guy especially when […]

BLOCKBUSTER: ‘2000 Mules’ Film ‘Hitting Home’ With Likely American Voters

(Liberty Bell) – The radical Democrats who worked tirelessly in order to craft the country’s largest voter fraud scheme are likely sweating bullets right about now, thanks in large part to the documentary film, “2000 Mules,” put together by conservative activist and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. According to WND, “The new film ‘2000 Mules’ which probes […]

BOMBSHELL: Root Cause Of Baby Formula Shortage Found…

(Liberty Bell) – Just like every other crisis facing America right now, the baby formula shortage could have easily been avoided had Democrats just cared to put the best interests of this country first. If you recall, during the COVID pandemic when the country was being locked down everywhere and only “essential workers” were allowed […]