No Justice No Peace

My latest column is up at AND Magazine. Here is an excerpt: After a careful review of multitudes of evidence, the Grand Jury chose not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Williams on murder charges for the shooting of Michael Brown. Riots and looting began immediately following the prosecutor’s announcement. By […]

My Way Or The Highway

The verdict is in on Officer Darren Wilson.  He will not face a murder indictment for the shooting of Michael Brown. Immediately following the announcement, riots broke out once again in Ferguson, MO.  This was no big surprise – there were going to be riots regardless of the outcome of […]

Dying Freedom

My latest column is up at AND Magazine! Here is an excerpt: Earlier this week, President Obama made headlines when, in a statement, he pushed to make the Internet a public utility that would fall under the regulatory authority of the FCC – a move that would open the door […]

Obama’s Amnesty

All reports indicate that President Obama will be making a big announcement today – he will announce his plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens via executive order.  This is the president’s way of giving the middle finger to Republicans and every person who showed up at the […]

The Importance of Jonathan Gruber

With the revelation of videos showing Obamacare “architect” and MIT Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber proudly broadcasting that the president’s signature legislation was strategically crafted using lies and deception because it would not have passed otherwise, the big question is, why does anyone care about Jonathan Gruber? One indication of Gruber’s […]

Of Ebola and Quarantines

Nurse Kaci Hickox is making headlines in her showdown with the governments of New Jersey and Maine over their quarantine policies for people entering the United States from West African nations dealing with Ebola epidemics. The quarantines have been imposed due to the federal government’s continued unwillingness to implement travel […]

Containing Ebola

My latest column is up at AND Magazine! Here is an excerpt: The Obama administration’s reaction to the arrival of Ebola has revealed some very troubling, very messed-up priorities in the top tiers of our government. The most recent narrative among the punditry and America’s ever-present race-baiting community is that […]

The Competence Gap

My latest column is up at AND Magazine. Here is an excerpt: As polls and surveys continue to show that trust of the American government among her citizens is at all-time lows, it daily becomes easier and easier to see why that is the case. Our government is suffering a […]

California’s One-Party System

The midterm elections are rapidly approaching, and my sample ballot came in the mail yesterday.  It made me cringe, seeing the choices offered in this election. A few years ago, California adopted the idiotic top-two open primary system.  Under this system, all statewide elections have open primaries – anyone can vote […]

Holder Gone

With Attorney General Eric Holder’s announced resignation, there is a slight possibility that America could see some justice in the Justice Department again…but don’t bet on it.  Barack Obama is still president, after all, and the prevailing theories seem to be that he will either go with another Leftist wacko, […]

Doomed To Fail

My latest column is up at AND Magazine. Here is an excerpt: Even after President Obama announced his grand strategy for taking on ISIL, his administration still seems like more of a JV team than our enemies. While ISIL seems ever more intent on committing acts of terrorism here in […]