It’s time for a change…

With the elections coming up this November, Congressional Democrats are getting very excited about their perceived chances in light of polls indicating that the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the leadership of the Republican party. Among the Democrats’ agenda should they take leadership? Launch investigation after investigation into the […]

Moussaoui Gets Life

Well, after weeks of angst in the press, the jury has finally reached a verdict. The jury in the Zacarias Moussaoui case came back with a sentence of life in prison. Moussaoui decided to take the opportunity to try and rub it in everyone’s face, saying, “America, you lost.” The […]

Now for the backlash…

Well, May Day is over…and while the organizers and protestors would like the “day without an immigrant” to be a notorious day that goes down in the history books, according to the initial reports, it doesn’t look like they quite had the effect they desired…and with signs like this one, […]

The Day Without an Immigrant

Well, today is May Day, that old Communist/Pagan holiday. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that the Communist lobby is using the immigration issue to bring back May Day. And none of these groups is being shy about their goals. The news agencies say […]

What has happened to President Bush?

This morning, the President gave a speech in response to the rising price of gas, and, according to the ‘honorable’ Senator Chucky Schumer, the president was missing 5 words in his speech about gas prices: “get tough on big oil”. Personally, I think that everyone in the debate (as usual) […]


Well, on to immigration. This immigration debate has become so convoluted as to be meaningless. It started out well, but it didn’t take long to degenerate into cries of racism, jingoism, bigotry, and whatever other smears the Left could come up with to mischaracterize conservatives. There are several arguments against […]

Lent is finally over!

It’s been absolute torture refraining from blogging for so long. I think God has been testing me – right after I decided to give up blogging for Lent, so much started happening in the world. But I’m back now, so I can vent everything I’ve been seeing happen in the […]

Taking a Hiatus

I got lucky: the post right before this one was written yesterday. I spent nearly half an hour writing, trying to put my thoughts into something even slightly resembling coherency…and then it wouldn’t publish. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t post, I’m just glad that when I logged on today, […]

The Left’s Fatal Flaw…

I’m getting tired of all of the arguments coming from the Left (and a few from the Right) about the “Separation of Church and State.” As time goes on, the debate escalates, and it has especially gone to a new level since John Roberts and Samuel Alito were nominated and […]

Well, the debate over the ports has escalated to the next level. Congress is threatening to pass a bill to stall the transfer of ownership of the ports to DPW, and now President Bush is threatening to veto any bill hindering the port deal. Tom Delay came out against the […]