Amazon Pays Settlement for Spying on You, but You Won’t See a Dime

Gabriel Gurzo /
Just over 30 million dollars. That’s how much your privacy and personal data are worth in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In two separate cases on May 31st, Amazon faced allegations that will likely result in them being forced to delete data collected by their Alexa home system and ring doorbells. Alexa […]

KJP Refused to Answer Yet Another Question, Deciding to Hide Behind the Law Instead

BAZA Production /
If I didn’t know any better, I’d say old Joe Biden has every intention of winning his 2024 re-election campaign the same way he did his 2020 presidential run, namely, hiding out in his basement for the most part. Or at least that’s what White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seemed to imply during a […]

Instead of Torturing a Cat, Leftist Women Now Marrying Themselves To Fill Their Self-Created Hole of Shame

Dimedrol68 /
For years now, many women have proclaimed “It’s okay if **insert latest man’s name here** doesn’t come back, I’ll just be single forever. I’ll just get a cat instead.” These poor cats did nothing to deserve this. If no other human could find their behavior appropriate enough to endure living with them, then why should […]

After 73 Years of In-Processing, Medal of Honor Recipient Finally Has Remains Returned to Georgia

Steve Cukrov /
The Korean War is often considered the “forgotten war” by many who fought in it. By not receiving the respect WWII was given or even the acknowledgment of failure that came with Vietnam, they have felt left behind. Perhaps no one more so than 18-year-old PFC Luther Herschel Story. Back on September 1st, 1950, PFC […]

Son of Japan’s Prime Minister Does What Hunter Biden Is Scared of and Accepts Responsibility

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
The people of Japan have many codes and ways of life that they take very seriously. Their code of personal responsibility and their humble attitude at all levels makes for a very noble and almost regal way of life. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is no exception to this rule. Announced on May 29th, the PM […]

Black Business Owner Destroys NAACP and Race-Baiting Narrative with Three Simple Words

El Nariz /
If you missed it, the NAACP recently launched a rather racist travel advisory to those considering visiting Florida. But one Floridian, a black business owner, says that advisory should be completely ignored. According to the NAACP, Florida isn’t good for minorities, particularly African Americans and those in the LGBTQ+ community. Of course, they cite words […]

Turns Out Killing People With a Vehicle Is a Komoroski Family Trait

Virrage Images /
It turns out that just 10 years ago, the mother of drunken murderer Jamie Lee Komoroski was responsible for taking someone’s life with an automobile herself. Back in March 2013, then 52-year-old Traci Komoroski was driving along a New Jersey roadway near an active fire scene. Per a civil lawsuit filed by the members of […]

Leftist GA Mayor Lets Jailed Man Die of Neglect on His Watch

Skyward Kick Productions /
When people go to jail, you expect those in charge will ensure they are safe. Given the level of mayoral involvement in county jails (as opposed to state prisons), you would think a city with such a high homeless population like Atlanta would have great care. Yet as Lashawn Thompson lays dead, three Fulton County […]

Tulsi Gabbard Defends Daniel Penny’s Protector Instincts

John M Poltrack /
Over the past month, the instincts and character of Marine veteran Daniel Penny have been dragged through the mud. Thankfully, there are a good number of those who are also coming to his aid. If you remember correctly, Penny was the man who put recently deceased Jordan Neely in a chokehold on an NYC subway […]

Alec Baldwin Called a Server WHAT?

DFree /
If you know much about Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, it’s likely that his entire career can be seen as an example of what not to do. Sure, he’s had some success on the stage over the years, but as a person, he’s about as loathsome as they come. Take an encounter a server had with […]