WATCH: Trump’s Doing More Than Draining the Swamp When He Retakes the Office

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The polls show that Donald Trump has a really good shot of getting back into the White House — and he has big plans for what will happen once he gets there. Watch now:

The 80-Year Pattern of America: We’re There Again…

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If you look at the history of the United States, you will notice somewhat of a pattern. Every 80 years or so, we enter an era of tremendous upheaval, sometimes war. But we also come out on the other side stronger than before and with a leader who brings us into even greater things. As […]

Woke Cops Can’t Tell if Semen Sample Came from Male or Female Rapist

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Police in British Columbia are baffled by a sexual assault case that happened in August of last year. A woman was raped on the Surrey Skytrain, and the suspect has still not been arrested. Despite gathering copious evidence and having video of the alleged rapist fleeing the scene, the cops just aren’t sure whether it […]

Jim Jordan Gets Real About Biden Closing the Border

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The southern border is a problem, and everyone knows it. Even the deepest blue sanctuary cities are beginning to admit that the constant flow of illegal immigrants is becoming too expensive to keep up with. That’s not even taking into consideration the significant uptick in crime that comes from all of the unchecked immigrants. If […]

Dark Shadows Return: Al Qaeda Resurgence Spells Doom After Biden’s Exit

Steve Allen /
In the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s ill-fated withdrawal from Afghanistan, the notorious Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda is experiencing a disturbing resurgence, posing a grave threat to global security. A recent report from the U.N. Security Council has exposed the alarming growth of Al Qaeda within Afghanistan, contradicting the Taliban’s assurances of a severed […]

Trump Finally Gets Date for Criminal Trial

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Former President Donald Trump is doing his best to navigate the four court cases he is facing as he seeks a return to the White House. Filed with clear motives to inhibit his chances of winning the 2024 Presidential election, never at any point in history has a single person been so heavily chastised. Biden’s […]

Secret Invasion? The Startling Number of Chinese Nationals Pouring Over the Border Unchecked

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The increase in illegal border crossings by Chinese nationals signals a shift in the dynamics of unauthorized entry into the United States, transforming it from a crisis to a different kind of challenge. This change contradicts the Biden administration’s narrative that the border situation primarily involves migrants from Latin American countries seeking refuge from instability. […]

If Biden Dies Before Trump Can Win, How Long Till Harris Turns the US Socialist?

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Barring some obscure scenarios, the November ballot will come down to incumbent Joe Biden for the Democrats and former President Donald Trump returning to the Republican ticket. So far, nobody has posed any real opposition to Trump, and it doesn’t seem likely anyone will. As of mid-February, there isn’t a single person making a big, […]

Study Confirms That 2020 Mail-In Ballot Fraud Tipped the Election for Biden 

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According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, in 2016, around 23.7% of ballots, roughly 33 million, were sent in by mail. In 2020, this figure nearly doubled, with Americans mailing in approximately 65.5 million ballots, marking the highest recorded number in U.S. history.  Per recent research compiled by the Heartland Institute, 28.2%, or one in […]

Global Opinion Plunges: 2024 Outcome Unlikely to Salvage U.S. Reputation 

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Allies have increasingly worried about the United States’ commitment and reliability throughout the Biden presidency. It’s a trend that is unlikely to change regardless of the outcome of the 2024 election, with some expressing concern over Biden’s weakness if reelected and others fearing that former President Donald Trump will continue his first-term America-first agenda to […]

Tax Refund Crisis: Why Your IRS Refund Is 30% Lower This Year

Jim Barber /
As we navigate through the 2024 tax filing season, retirees may be experiencing a bit of a surprise regarding their IRS tax refunds. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports a nearly 30 percent decrease in average tax refunds compared to the previous year. Let’s explore the details and what this means for retirees and their […]

Calm Down, Illegals Aren’t Voting for Biden 

Conservatives know three things: President Joe Biden is a bumbling buffoon, the country is hardly recognizable anymore, and illegal immigrants are being imported ahead of the most significant Democratic voter fraud initiative in U.S. history.  While the first two are undeniably true, the last one requires a deeper look.  The U.S. Constitution doesn’t directly talk […]

Nikki Haley Loses Race Against Herself in Nevada

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Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and the last challenger to Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, had a memorable setback in Nevada on Tuesday. She ended up in second place behind “none of these candidates” in a state-run primary that didn’t grant any delegates or impact the nomination race. Despite being the […]

Neocons Pitch a Huge Hissy Fit After Tucker Carlson Spotted in Moscow

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Tucker Carlson made international headlines this week when he was spotted at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia. Carlson has been trying to score an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin since before the war with Ukraine broke out. For the crime of trying to do real journalism, neocons are demanding that Carlson not be […]

Update: Montana’s “Republican” Gov Wants to Arrest Parents Who Oppose Transitioning Their Children

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You’re probably aware of the plight of Todd and Krista Kolstad by now, the Montana parents whose daughter has been medically kidnapped. Child Protective Services (CPS) took their 14-year-old daughter away from the family so that the medical community could give the girl a sex change against the parents’ will. Parents across the country are […]