Had Enough of Trump’s Trials? Media Spends 573 Minutes on Hush-Money Trial Coverage 

stockphoto mania / shutterstock.com

If you only follow liberal news organizations like CNN or MSNBC, you are forgiven for not knowing that there are headlines other than Alvin Bragg’s ridiculous politically motivated hush-money case against former President Donald Trump. 

However, cable news networks and liberal-controlled web news organizations aren’t the only ones drowning viewers in a sea of slime. The alphabet networks have spent an astonishing amount of time salivating over the potential of a porn star’s dream to see a former president behind bars. NBC, CBS, and ABC viewers have been treated to nine hours of coverage of the hush-money trial. 

In the few short weeks since the trial began, the alphabet networks have devoted more than 573 minutes to covering it. 

NBC has, to date, dedicated almost 200 minutes to the case. However, for NBC, it’s not just how much time was given to the story but how it was presented. NBC opened no less than 17 times with trial coverage. Lester Holt eagerly and dramatically recounted testimony during his Nightly News segments, breathlessly describing the “moving” moment when Trump came “face to face” with Stormy Daniels as the porn star gave the courtroom salacious details of the alleged encounter. 

Holt seems to lack descriptive phrases, as he had already summarized the moment when Trump came “face to face” with the jury who, the correspondent dramatically observed, “could potentially determine his fate.” 

Adding to NBC’s biased coverage is the one-sided analysis of Laura Jarrett, the daughter of Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett. 

CBS has devoted 138 minutes to the scandal, earning it the dubious honor of emphasizing its hush-money coverage marginally less than its competitors. For instance, the network’s signature Sunday talk show, Face the Nation, only spent thirteen seconds discussing the case.  

But other segments filled the void, attempting to draw in audiences by amping up the drama in the courtroom while whitewashing the facts. CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell glossed over Michael Cohen’s admission of stealing money from Trump to describe the moment that Justice Juan Manuel Merchan had a temper tantrum over a perceived attitude from a Trump witness and cleared the courtroom. 

ABC leads the pack on negative Trump trial coverage, devoting more than 237 minutes to the case. Its signature shows, World News Tonight, This Week, and Good Morning America, accounted for over 40% of this hyper-coverage.  

George Stephanopoulos, co-host of GMA, ensured that his show would be the trendsetter in tedious Trump trial coverage through his theatrics. He opened numerous shows with dramatic declarations, such as noting that Trump is the “only former president” ever to stand trial on criminal charges.” He expressed his joy that the Democratic ploy was working, noting that Trump was suddenly faced with the reality (or, as Holt would say, came “face to face” with reality) about the clash of his legal calendar and his inability to campaign.  

Stephanopoulos has repeatedly expressed his dismay that supporters would rally behind the former president. He feigned indignation when congressional correspondent Rachel Scott added her drama to his show by noting that Mike Johnson, “the Speaker of the House, second in line to the presidency,” appeared at the courthouse and “blasted the American judicial system.” 

It’s a “catch and kill” strategy of the left, one that is, according to Bragg, against the law. While Trump’s case dominates the headlines, little gems like the Obama administration being caught red-handed interfering with an FBI case seeking to investigate illegal immigrants who helped Iran build its nuclear weapons. 

The Obama-Biden administration signed the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015. Under this legislation, Obama vowed that broader sanctions against Iran would be enforced. But recently revealed whistleblower documents indicated that then-Secretary of State John Kerry interfered with FBI efforts to execute arrest warrants on individuals in the U.S. who were illegally supporting Iran’s weapons development and ballistic missile programs. These activities reportedly contributed to the Iranian drone and missile attack against Israel on April 13th, which killed 13 people and injured many others, including a seven-year-old girl.  

That bombshell was buried under the news that witness testimony in the Trump trial had concluded and that the prosecution and defense were set to deliver closing arguments the next day. 

News anchors might be scrambling for fresh material with the Manhattan court in recess until May 28th. Their discussions will undoubtedly be filled with dramatic anti-Trump rhetoric and breathless anticipation for the trial’s conclusion.