CNN’s Brutal Biden Fact Check After “360 With Speedy” Interview 

Nikita Burdenkov /
President Joe Biden sat down with YouTube youth culture icon Speedy Morman for a lie-spewing episode of 360 With Speedy. The show, part of the entertainment and culture website Complex, was recorded on July 12, the day before Trump’s assassination attempt.   During the interview, he took a few moments to claim once again that former […]

JD Vance as VP: Was This the Right Move?

Stiglich /
Kamala Harris has been actively disparaging JD Vance since Trump made the announcement that the freshman senator from Ohio was his running mate. Do you think it was a good move? Take a quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

House Oversight Investigating Who’s Really Running the Country with Dementia Joe in the White House

Paul Froggatt /
It’s been obvious to most people for more than three years that Joe Biden hasn’t actually been running the country. He can’t even change his pants by himself. The important question that no one in the media has been asking is, “Who’s really in charge?” After all this time, the House Oversight Committee is launching […]

AOC’s Fantasy of Impeaching and Silencing Supreme Court Conservatives is Getting Old

Ron Adar /
All right, folks, grab your popcorn because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is at it again. She’s gunning for Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito this time. Why? Because they allegedly didn’t report some gifts and had political views that AOC thinks to compromise their ability to stay unbiased. Oh, the horror! The same AOC […]

Secret Service Under Fire After Trump Assassination Attempt

Giannis Papanikos /
Shortly before an attempt on former President Donald Trump’s life, alert rallygoers reportedly noticed a man climbing to the top of a nearby building and urgently warned local police. A local police officer, responding to the rallygoers’ warning, climbed to the roof and encountered Thomas Crooks, the would-be assassin. Crooks immediately pointed his rifle at […]

New Twist in Trump Saga: House Committee Demands Appellate Courts Overturn NY Verdict - Yuri A /
House Judiciary Committee Republicans are appealing to New York appellate courts to overturn the verdict in New York v. Trump. They allege that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan “worked together to deprive” former President Trump of his constitutional and legal rights. The Committee began investigating Bragg’s indictment of Trump in March […]

The Fur Flies as Gay Furry Hackers Breach Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 

JHVEPhoto /
A group of “gay furry hackers” say they took two gigabytes of information from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. The hackers, known as SiegedSec, took and shared the data because they were upset about the think tank’s plans called ‘Project 2025’. This project claims to have ideas for new laws that would start […]

Australia’s Federal Disability Program Spending $5.5B per Year on Sex Toys, Weed, Gambling, and More

sasirin pamai /
Remember that time when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had lost $2.3 trillion dollars, and then the next day, the planes flew into the World Trade Center? Just how much federal fraud, waste, and abuse do you suppose happens in an average year here in America? We don’t know, which is awful. […]

Elon Musk Sides with Republicans and Real Americans for Election Integrity

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) introduced legislation in May that would help ensure that only Americans are voting in America’s national elections. You’d have to be a psychopath to oppose legislation like that. In fact, you’d have to hate your own children and grandchildren to oppose that. Who would willingly allow foreigners to decide the […]

The US Air Force Just Hosted a Charity Golf Game for Ukrainian Nazis

Bulat.Iskhakov /
Three weeks prior to Joe Biden’s disastrous debate with President Donald J. Trump, the US Air Force was hosting a charity golf tournament for wounded Ukrainian Nazis from the infamous Azov Battalion. Your first question is probably, “Where did this take place?” Was it in Western Ukraine, far away from the Russian front? Was it […]

Biden Allows Iranian Terrorists to Hold Vote in U.S. 

Niyazz /
The Biden administration recently allowed Iranian citizens to vote in Iran’s presidential election from makeshift booths in several U.S. hotels, which angered critics of the Iranian regime. This resulted in the election of Masoud Pezeshkian, a heart surgeon, who defeated former nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili. Pezeshkian won 53.3% of the vote, while Jalili received 44.3%.   […]

Cache of Rare Minerals in Wyoming Could See the U.S. Beat China in Mineral Resources 

Nick Fox /
In March 2023, American Rare Earths started drilling in Wyoming after estimating approximately 1.2 million metric tonnes of the mineral. However, they have significantly exceeded this estimate, collecting over two billion metric tonnes.  And they are just getting started. According to the organization, the drilling is only one-quarter finished. Don Schwartz, CEO of American Rare […]

Break Free: New Proposal Could Liberate You from Cell Network Chains

Ivan Marc /
Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) introduced a new proposal to mandate that carriers allow cell phones to be unlocked within 60 days of purchase. The FCC aims to empower cellphone users by letting them easily switch between mobile wireless service providers as long as their phones are compatible with the new network. Many […]

Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Preborn Heartbeat Bill

Andrei_R /
The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled 4-3 that the state’s pre-born heartbeat bill is constitutional. The law was first passed by the Iowa legislature during a special session in 2023 and signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds (R). The law states that a pre-born baby cannot be murdered in an abortion once he or she has […]

Democrats Encouraged Debate so Biden Could Lose 

Oscar Ivan Lopez /
It is no secret that President Joe Biden can no longer function without a teleprompter, becomes easily confused and distracted, and cannot display the confidence necessary for a ninety-minute debate, even one hosted by his cheerleaders. Why, then, did Team Biden encourage their failing candidate, who witnesses say is only functional from 10 am to […]