Dems Worry This Trump VP Contender Might Make the Cut 

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As former President Donald Trump makes his VP list and checks it twice, there is one name that experts caution could spell the end of Team Biden’s campaign efforts in November. Florida Senator Marco Rubio could be poised to siphon even more of the valuable Latino vote from Biden if chosen as Trump’s running mate. 

Rubio refuses to pull any punches regarding Biden’s disastrous policies and is solidly America First. Although things became contentious between Rubio and Trump during the 2016 election cycle, the senator has since shown support for the former president, displaying the loyalty that Trump values among those who surround him. Additionally, as a leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he will be uniquely qualified to help Trump realign agencies now considered by Republicans and conservatives as “rogue.” 

Part of Rubio’s appeal to Latino voters is that he is bilingual, a strength that neither Biden nor Kamala Harris share, unless gibberish is considered a second language. Rubio’s ability to speak Spanish will allow him to make significant progress in reaching Hispanic voters nationwide. 

But some experts fear that Rubio isn’t quite past the 2016 election, during which he referred to Trump as “reckless and dangerous.” Rubio has also said that Trump was partially responsible for the January 6 protests, and critics wonder if he is all-in for Trump. 

Additionally, Rubio hails from Florida, Trump’s home state. The presidential and VP candidates representing the same ticket are not permitted to be from the same state, per the 12th Amendment of the Constitution. It’s the same complication faced by a DeSantis/Trump ticket. Still, experts suggest this complication will be “more of a roadblock than an obstacle” for the team if Trump makes Rubio his VP pick. 

The Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution deals with how the President and Vice President are elected. It advises that the President and Vice President should not come from the same state because electors from that state can’t vote for both of them. However, it doesn’t completely prevent a President and Vice President from being from the same state.  

While most presidential candidates win their home states, the Twelfth Amendment indirectly discourages nominating candidates from the same state for President and Vice President. If it does happen, electors would adjust their votes to follow this rule. 

Electors in each state vote separately for President and Vice President. An elector from Florida, for instance, can’t vote for both a presidential candidate and a VP candidate together if they are both from Florida. However, an elector can vote for a presidential candidate from Florida and a VP candidate from a different state or vice versa. 

If a party nominates a presidential and VP candidate from Florida, electors from other states can vote for the pair. Florida’s electors can’t vote for both and would likely vote for their party’s presidential candidate and abstain from voting or vote for a VP candidate from another state. 

Alternatively, one or the other candidate could also choose to change his residency. 

For Trump, a Rubio pick makes sense. Rubio has Trump’s ability to whip up voter enthusiasm and is an effective communicator who has successfully won debates to secure reelection as Senator in Florida twice. He has a great legislative history as well. 

During the 2016 election, Rubio had a strong showing in Minnesota and Virginia, suggesting that he may help Trump win over Biden in these states, now being viewed as “up for grabs” by Republicans in 2024. 

The Trump VP shortlist is narrowing down to its final picks, according to experts, with some other names like Doug Burgum (ND), Tim Scott (S.C.), Byron Donalds (FL), Tom Cotton (AR), J.D. Vance (OH), and Elise Stefanik (NY) making the cut. Trump has requested documentation, including financial records, from potential candidates, with some receiving a more detailed request than others. Experts say that the extent of the requested paperwork may indicate which names are higher on the list than others. 

Trump will announce his selection during July’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. It’s a highly anticipated announcement that will most likely end the Biden campaign regardless of who is selected. However, for Team Biden, a Trump/Rubio ticket is an extra-troublesome combination that may help Republicans win over the lagging Hispanic vote in 2024.