UK Data: Vaccine Deaths Recorded as Unvaccinated to Make the Shots Appear ‘Safe’

G.Tbov /

A careful review of all-cause mortality in the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) data has revealed a massive conspiracy that governments perpetrated on people in 2021. The COVID mRNA vaccines began killing large numbers of people between January and April of that year. The deaths were not recorded as vaccine-related, however. Instead, the deaths were counted as “unvaccinated” as a way to terrorize people into taking the new miracle health juice from Pfizer and Moderna.

The study was conducted by medical professors at Queen Mary, University of London. Their conclusions were just published at ResearchGate.

What the official ONS data appears to show is that there was a huge spike in all-cause mortality among unvaccinated people, which just so happened to coincide with the rollout of the shots (January through April of 2021). The deaths were consistently high among people aged 30 and up.

The implication, which health officials seized upon, was that COVID was suddenly killing much larger numbers of unvaccinated people, while the good people who had submitted and taken the vaccines were surviving. You were more likely to die if you didn’t take the “safe and effective” shots.

The researchers discovered that the vaccination status of the dead had been altered. The ONS systematically miscategorized the vaccination status of all the people who were dying between January and April of 2021.

Dr. Clare Craig, one of the authors of the study, posted on X: “The key problem is that people who died after vaccination before April 2021 did not necessarily have their deaths recorded as vaccinated deaths.”

One of the tactics that was deployed to cover up all the vaccine deaths was the early claim that people were not actually considered vaccinated until 14 days after they received the second shot. Health officials claimed it took two weeks after the second shot for the body to start producing spike proteins. Therefore, if a person got injected at a vaccine clinic and then immediately dropped dead in the parking lot, they were counted as “unvaccinated.”

This was done because health officials knew from Pfizer and Moderna’s internal trials that many of the negative reactions to the COVID shots happened within 14 days of injection. So as people were dying from the shots, health officials listed them as “unvaccinated” and then told everyone that the shots were working fine. It was just those unvaccinated people who were getting killed by COVID.

This is just the latest scandal involving the COVID shots to become public. The amazing thing is that to this day, no one who works in public health has been fired, let alone prosecuted and sent to jail for what they did. They still won’t even apologize.

Public health officials at the FDA, the CDC, the ONS in England, and other health agencies colluded with Big Pharma to experiment on human beings like guinea pigs with an experimental gene serum that’s not even a real vaccine. There are no killed coronavirus cells in the COVID shots, so they don’t fit the definition of any other vaccine that has ever been developed in the entire history of epidemiology.

Many of the politicians had to be in on this scheme as well. To this day, there are only a small handful of Representatives and Senators here in the US who are willing to admit that the COVID shots did far more harm than good. The shots were neither safe nor effective. They were not safe for pregnant and nursing mothers or their babies. They weren’t safe for anyone in any age group, and yet the CDC is still urging all Americans to rush out and get their latest booster shot.