5 Books Every Conservative Should Read

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There are always reading challenges that you should participate in as a way of learning, broadening your horizons, and finding out what’s going on in various industries.

If you consider yourself to be a conservative, there are five books you should read to learn more about what’s happening in the United States. There’s an attack on Christianity, Deep State is trying to destroy our democracy, and the Department of Justice is being weaponized.

Knowing more about what’s going on will help you to prepare for the future.

Check out these books to add to your reading list.

#1: Devil’s Dollar

Devil’s Dollar is all about surviving the Final War that has been put into place against Christians. You’ll find out why Christians are considered such a threat, too.

Get a copy to read.


#2: Secret State by Jack Thomas

What if you were to find out that the office of the President is just a front? This is what Thomas explores in “Secret State.” Find out who is really holding the power and what can be done about it.

It’s free right now, too!

#3: Guerilla Gun Guide by Frank Mitchell

Gun control laws have been getting out of control. There’s clearly an attack on our 2nd Amendment as Americans. Mitchell uses this book as a way to show you how to find the loopholes in various laws that are being passed so you can always remain armed.

Grab your copy now.

#4: Wire Tapped America by Frank Mitchell

There are countless conspiracy theories about how government agencies are listening to our conversations, reading our emails, and listening to our phone calls. Mitchell tells how a CIA informant exposes how “they” really are watching and what can be done about it.

Read “Wire Tapped America” today.

#5: The Great Dark Threat by Keith Jacobs

Can you imagine an attack on American soil that is even more significant than 9/11? We’re on the brink of such an attack. Not only will this book tell you about the threat but also how to survive it if it actually happens.

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