Biden Hands Over $240K in Taxpayer Money for Kids To Have Cybersex

Just dance /
For decades now, we have tried to prevent our children from having unfettered access to salacious material. This quest paved the way for the V-Chip ...Read More

Washington Post Can’t Even Believe Their Own Polls

NYC Russ /
It’s an amazing time in history when one of the most biased outlets in the nation, The Washington Post, is unable to believe its reality. Working i ...Read More

Jill Biden Set to Hit the Campaign Trail & Tell Everyone Joe is Fine

lev radin /
Even though she dresses like she’s wearing Minecraft camouflage or stolen curtains most of the time, no one loves living in the White House more th ...Read More

Soros Gets His Claws into Local Media in Swing State

rudall30 /
By now, it’s no secret that most media outlets aren’t just about reporting the news. Nowadays, it’s pretty much a given that any media organization ...Read More

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AOC Grilled for What She Drove to Autoworkers’ Strike

lev radin /
If you know much of anything about New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, likely, she’s not exactly the brightest bulb. I mean, this is ...Read More

MTG’s Latest Plan Will Sever Connection Between Jack Smith and Biden
By now, it’s quite obvious that the Department of Justice’s use of “special counsels” isn’t exactly just. And that’s precisely why Georgia Represen ...Read More

Illegal Immigrants Get Direct Flight to City of Choice from Their City of Origin 

oatawa /
Every day, thousands of undocumented immigrants spew across the U.S. border, bravely facing unparalleled danger and unspeakable financial burdens. ...Read More

What Exactly is “No Labels” and Why Are Dems Terrified? 

Gustavo Frazao /
Earlier this year, the nonpartisan political organization known as No Labels made headlines by teasing the idea of a third-party presidential candi ...Read More

Leftist City Wants To Try Running Your Grocery Store After Their Laws Fail To Protect Vendors

non c /
Why pay someone to do a job you can do yourself? Or at least that’s what leaders in Chicago think. Announced September 13th by Mayor and Democratic ...Read More

Behind Hunter’s Laptop Lawsuit Strategy 

No longer able to escape his indictments, a furious Hunter Biden is suing for satisfaction. He is targeting those entities and individuals who made ...Read More

Biden Earns Himself a New Nickname…

lev radin /
We all know and have known for some time that President Joe Biden has a penchant for “stretching” the truth, so to speak. And now, it’s earned him ...Read More

Hypocritical Biden Turns Blind Eye to Families Separated at His Border 

wk1003mike /
The Democratic theme of “do as we say, not as we do” reaches far up the chain of command in the current administration, all the way to President Jo ...Read More

Bipartisan House Bill Crushes California’s Electric Vehicle Mandate

Alexander Steamaze /
California plans to phase out the sale of all gas-powered personal cars by the year 2035. However, a bipartisan bill in the House of Representative ...Read More

DACA Ruled Illegal but Mysteriously Not Shut Down Either

Stuart Miles /
United States District Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District of Texas issued a ruling on September 13 about Deferred Action for Childhood Arr ...Read More

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lev radin /
The mostly peaceful January 6 protests in 2021 at the nation’s Capital were crawling with so many violent provocateurs that the FBI couldn’t even k ...Read More

Report: FBI Lost Track of How Many Feds It Had in the January 6 Crowd

William Potter /
With record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants pouring across the border, near-record inflation, and his May 2023 approval rating dropping lowe ...Read More

$33 Trillion in Debt Marks Another Historic Biden Milestone 

DannyOliva /
For most of us, the threat of going to jail or spending even a minimal amount of time behind bars is enough to have us change course. However, the ...Read More

No, Trump’s Not Worried About Going to Jail at All

Denis---S /
The woke San Francisco Bay area has deteriorated so badly that they suddenly have a high seas piracy problem in the Oakland Estuary. We were hoping ...Read More

Coast Guard Called in to Stop Oakland’s New Sea Pirate Problem

VDB Photos /
We don’t typically assign values to lives. If someone dies, there’s no way to measure how much their life meant – especially to their loved ones. S ...Read More

The Cost of a Life? $11k According to Seattle Officer
The vast majority of the American people play along with the laws and rules of this great nation, even when it pains us. All while people like Hunt ...Read More

It’s a Start – Hunter Indicted on Three Gun Charges

AR30MM Ariel Ruff /
A lawsuit has revealed the fact that the FBI has more than 1,200 pages of documents related to targeting “radical traditionalist” Catholics and Chr ...Read More

FBI Admits It Has Tons of Additional Memos Targeting Christians as Terrorists

solarseven /
Joe Biden has said the quiet part out loud again. During his unwanted remarks in Florida last week, in the wake of Hurricane Idalia, Biden announce ...Read More

Biden Says He Plans to “Increase the Number & Intensity of Extreme Weather Events”
President Joe Biden has come into his own as President. Sadly for the American people, his moments of senility where he loses his ability to commun ...Read More

Now Biden Claims He Was at Ground Zero the Day After the 9/11 Attacks