Biden’s Band of Lunatics Wants to Ban Police Foot Chases

Chicago police are about to have a much tougher job on their hands if the protesters in their city are able to have their way about it. Of all the ...Read More

Why the Biden Admin Does Not Want to End Lockdowns – Ever

The reopening process is more laborious than ever because of the far left. They cannot fathom any risk level whatsoever and they stand in the way o ...Read More

Collusion Anyone? Tucker Carlson Reports Kevin McCarthy and Big Techs Frank Luntz Are Roommates

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is used to dropping bombshells and he had one heck of a report to offer up recently. His latest revelation is an absol ...Read More

More Biden Sponsored Violence! Sikh Father Brutally Attacked by Black Man With Hammer Because He’s Indian

A Sikh man was viciously attacked with a hammer in a brutal attack at a Brooklyn hotel. We thought that hate crimes were a major problem for the Bi ...Read More

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Biden and Staff Slam Veterans as They Deny Them the Right to Hold Event on Memorial Day

Joe Biden is as anti-military as he can get without becoming a terrorist himself. As a Democrat, he seeks to cut military funding and strip away ve ...Read More

The Story Biden’s Media Mob Doesn’t Want You to See! 70 Year Old Woman Brutally Beaten by Biden Thugs Because She Looked Asian

A 70-year-old Mexican woman was brutally assaulted by a young black woman for the wrong reasons and we are tired of seeing stories like these. This ...Read More

If These Proposals Pass Your Take Home’s Going Down…America’s Elderly Need Help…or Do They?

Old people. America has roughly 28,000,000 of them who are over age 70 or older. They’ve lived the better parts of their lives and for the most par ...Read More

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