DeSantis Gives Strange Message Targeting His Own Party

Aaron of L.A. Photography /
As you’ve likely come to expect, Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis isn’t afraid of turning a few heads, even in his own ...Read More

New Study Proves Natural Immunity Protects Against COVID Better Than the Vaccines

Lomb /
Now that everyone has calmed down from the global panic over COVID, independent researchers are publishing scientific studies that put all of the c ...Read More

Biden Wants To Change the EV Tax Credit So Chinese Companies Can Profit

Andrii Yalanskyi /
Ever since electric vehicle (EV) tax credits were introduced, they were given specifically with US-based companies in mind. Exempt from this tax cr ...Read More

Race-Based Bail Lets Memphis Murderer Walk Without Bail As He Awaits Trial

Victor Moussa /
Early on Thanksgiving morning, gunfire erupted outside a home on Vandalia Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Not something out of the ordinary for the c ...Read More

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Chicago Mayor Silences the Masses at City Council

Rudy Balasko /
Brandon Johnson insists on calling himself the “progressive” Mayor of Chicago and has been making waves in the Windy City since he took office. Wal ...Read More

Republican Megadonors Make Their Choice Against Trump

Julenochek /
At this point, it’s no secret that former President Donald Trump is the GOP member to beat. However, that’s not who a number of Republican megadono ...Read More

BOA Faces $12 Million in Mortgage Fines

Tero Vesalainen /
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced $12 million in fines for Bank of America (BOA). Levied for falsely reporting mortgage len ...Read More

Even the Least Popular American Governor Polls Better Than Biden

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
By now, I’d say pretty much everyone knows and agrees that Biden isn’t a very good president. In fact, his latest approval rating puts him even low ...Read More

Russia’s Latest Military Budget Should Scare Us All

Anton Brehov /
It’s always important to pay attention to what Russia is doing. They always seem to be a wild card in the world. Considering we don’t have the best ...Read More

Woke Christmas Tree Farm Sends the Wrong Message

blrz /
Christmas is the time to be joyful and triumphant. It’s also important to remember the reason for the season: Jesus. Christmas tree farms shouldn’t ...Read More

The Shopping May Be Prime, but These Former Employees Say the Compensation and Equality Were Secondary

Julie Clopper /
On November 20th, the lawsuit we all knew would be coming eventually showed up. Three Amazon employees filed suit for discrimination as well as acc ...Read More

Former Porn King Ron Jeremy Gets Compassionate Medical Release With Rape Case Still Pending

s_bukley /
In what can only be classified as an “O. Henry” twist, former porn king and legend with frat boys, Ron Jeremy, was forced to have his lawyer beg fo ...Read More

Coverup: Secret Service Has Three Vials of DNA Evidence from the White House Cocaine Baggie

DedMityay /
Jesse Watters on Fox News has refused to let #CocaineGate rest, and the story just took a major turn for the weird. It probably won’t be too surpri ...Read More

The Rock Tells Joe Rogan How His Dem Friends Feel About Biden

Fred Duval /
As Republicans and conservatives, we’d love to say that Biden has no chance in hell of winning the Democratic nomination, much less the general ele ...Read More

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1000 Words /
If you’ve heard the rumors, you know quite a few have speculated in recent months and weeks that Joe Biden will soon be replaced on the Democratic ...Read More

Michelle Obama Joins Clintons and Biden on Air Force One – What Does it Mean?

Consolidated News Photos /
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Democratic President Joe Biden is far past his prime. So much so that one former White House doctor says he is putting ...Read More

Former WH Doctor Demands Biden Step Down

a katz /
If you know much about Utah Senator Mitt Romney, it’s likely that he’s not much of a team player. And now, he’s just admitted to only playing for h ...Read More

Mitt Romney Finally Admits His True Allegiance

Maverick Pictures /
It’s less than a year from the 2024 election, and President Joe Biden’s polling has reached a new low. Recently, Biden’s poll numbers hit a record- ...Read More

Better Late Than Never? Kamala Harris Thinks the Biden Campaign Should Start “Earning” Reelection 

J.D.S /
While stories of sexual abuse are deeply seeded in the roots of the church, it seems that when these stories cross borders and oceans, it’s from th ...Read More

Apparently, Incest and Sexual Abuse Are Part of the Book of Mormon

Jack Quillin /
It’s easy to read about Democratic policies and understand why they don’t work. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon says that he has “unwav ...Read More

This Thug Exemplifies Why LA Has a Crime Issue

Melanie Lemahieu /
We all knew that something weird was happening up in the Chateau de Pelosi last year when a crazy guy armed with a hammer slipped by Nancy’s round- ...Read More

Paul Pelosi Hammer Attacker Wanted to Interview Nancy While Wearing an Inflatable Unicorn Costume

Ron Adar /
Just days before Thanksgiving, the political heat in New York City is turning up on Mayor Eric Adams. With a political history “stuffed” with ties ...Read More

Adams Has Deeper Ties with Turkey Than Previously Known 

Craig F Scott /
President Biden’s time in office has been filled with mixed messages for the people, but it’s the responses from his Department of Justice (DOJ) th ...Read More

When Biden Thinks Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than Crack, We Know We Need To Support It