You Miss the Race Hate Hoaxes Yet? St Louis County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan Caught on Camera

St. Louis County Commissioner Sam Page decided to issue a mask mandate, over concerns about the prevalence of the Delta variant. The mandate ended ...Read More

Bombshell Report! Newly Leaked Audio Seems to Show Immigrant Children’s Sexually Abused by Biden Admin Officials

We have gotten the chance to listen to some disturbing audio from a training session inside a Texas federal shelter. This facility has been constru ...Read More

Kamala Harris Has Two Black Eyes as the Final Knock out Punch Is About to Hit

Kamala Harris is the first-place loser as she sits in second place in the White House. She once ran against Joe Biden for the presidential nominati ...Read More

Biden’s Army of Racists Taken to Court by Biracial Doctor Objecting to BLM Mandated Segregation

A biracial doctor who is also Harvard educated decided last month that it was time to file a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ...Read More

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Facebook Rejects Post Because Illinois Officer of the Year Isn’t Black

Facebook has decided that not only are they allowed to reject posts, but they’re also allowed to reject them over anything and everything. Apparent ...Read More

DeSantis Set to Fight School Board as They Impose Mask Mandate in Florida

The Democrats have gone out of their way to push fear into the hearts of people. Their relentless attacks on the emotional strain of the pandemic o ...Read More

Nation’s Largest Four-Year Public University System Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination for Almost 550,000 Faculty and Students

The nation’s largest four-year public university system announced on Tuesday that it is now requiring all faculty, staff, and the total student pop ...Read More

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