Why Cruz Trumps Trump

My latest column is up at Right Wing News! Here is an excerpt: EVERYONE has been talking about Donald Trump lately.  It seems that almost the entirety of election coverage has either been about the latest thing that Donald Trump said, or the media asking other candidates to react to […]

Confederate Red Herring

My latest column is up at AND Magazine! Here is an excerpt: As a conservative who believes in States’ Rights, I have always found it difficult to find much of any good in the Confederate States of America. For as much as I may agree with their act of secession […]

Killing The Living Document

I ran across an article on Breitbart, and I think I need someone to explain this to me, because it just doesn’t make any sense. Here is the headline: ACLU: ‘WE CAN NO LONGER SUPPORT FEDERAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LAW’ The article explains that the deputy legal director of the American Civil […]

For A Free Country

My latest column is up at AND Magazine. Here is an excerpt: It seems that with every election, America’s entrenched political class becomes even more entrenched, and it’s easier then ever to let a feeling of futility sink in. Is there anything we can do to stop the out-of-control train […]

Now Perception Really Is Reality!

“Perception Is Reality” has been an adage of modern politics for many years – to sum it up, it basically means that when SHTF in the political arena, the truth doesn’t matter nearly as much as what the public thinks is the truth. But now, it seems that perception truly is reality. First, the media […]

Is The Government Putting Our Cars At Risk?

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this story on Gizmodo about the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) plan to accelerate (get it?) their requirements for vehicle to vehicle networking. The whole scheme really revolves around self-driving cars, or at the least, cars that can take control from the […]

Dems Working To Stop Ammo Purchases

From The Blaze: Thirty-one House Democrats have proposed legislation that would prevent people from buying ammunition online, and would instead require all purchases to be made in person — a change they admit is aimed at preventing people from buying “unlimited” ammunition over the Internet. The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, […]

Feminazism Avenged

UPDATE (5/13): I watched Age of Ultron last weekend, and after seeing the movie for myself, the feminists’ complaints about it seem even more ridiculous than they did before I’d seen it. **Spoiler Alert: I haven’t watched Age of Ultron yet, so I can’t spoil much, but there are a couple of […]

The True Value Of Consensus

It seems that every day, politicians, pundits, and activists find a dozen or so new phenomena to blame on “climate change.”  Everyone from MSNBC commentators to the President of the United States has gotten in on the climate change act, and climate change non-believers are deemed Neanderthalic simpletons, incapable of […]

Ready For Hillary

My latest column is up at AND Magazine. Here is an excerpt: Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton officially announced her presidential campaign in one of the lamest campaign commercials of all time. Personally, I can understand why millions of Americans are ready for Hillary?to go away. But I’m confused as to […]

Anti-Indiana Insanity

The debate over Indiana’s RFRA law amounts to little more than a headache-inducing cacophony of meaningless noise.  As soon as the law was passed, the liberal media exploded with speculation over how this law would lead to widespread discrimination against homosexuals…even though there is no evidence to support that assertion. […]