French Flash Mob Plans to Poop in the Seine River to Protest the Upcoming Olympics

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The people of France are furious with their leaders once again, so they’ve come up with a creative new form of civil disobedience that they plan to unleash next month. Paris has been turned into a total Third World dump over the last decade because of liberal mismanagement and mass illegal immigration. The city plans to clean up the Seine River for the upcoming Summer Olympics, and that has the people hopping mad. They’re planning a flash fecal mob to soil the river and send a message to their inept, neo-liberal leaders.

Paris has truly been turned into a disgusting hell hole in recent years. It used to be one of the prettiest cities in the world, but now it’s filthier than the worst slums in Mumbai. There’s feces, graffiti, and trash everywhere. It’s experiencing all the joys of diversity that the Democrat Party wants you to experience in your own neighborhood.

The taxpaying citizens have been complaining about this for years, but the excuse from the people in charge is always the same: There’s no money to clean things up.

That’s a lie, of course. It’s a policy choice by the people in charge to let any city descend into filth and disorder. The people know it’s a lie now because the city of Paris is suddenly going to clean up the Seine River ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics. The games are set to begin in the city on July 26th.

During the 1900 Summer Olympics, they held long-distance swimming events in the river. It was clean enough to do that back then. The Parisian organizers decided it would be neat to do that again in 2024, so ALL OF A SUDDEN, they have $1.5 billion to clean the river up. It’s never been worth it to clean the filthy river up so residents of Paris could enjoy it, but when a bunch of foreign athletes are coming to town, look out!

Some were skeptical whether the river can even be cleaned up so quickly. Would the water actually be safe? A reporter asked both French President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo whether they’d be willing to swim in the water after the cleanup.

Macron insisted that he would, although he wouldn’t commit to a date. Mayor Hidalgo, however, proudly announced that she’ll be taking a swim on June 23rd. That was a mistake. Macron probably suspected that his disgruntled citizens would do something disruptive if he announced the date ahead of time. He’s obviously a savvier politician than Mayor Hidalgo.

Because she announced the date, the hashtag #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin to trend on social media.

That’s French for, “I sh*t in the Seine on June 23.”

It’s not going to be a random fecal flash mob, either. There’s a website coordinating locations where groups can sneak down to the river together and drop a deuce in the water for the mayor.

The neo-liberal globalists kind of deserve it. They could have cleaned up the river and the city of Paris years ago. They choose not to because most Western leaders have decided that they hate their own voters and prefer the adulation of compliant foreigners. They’ll clean up the place for foreigners like California Governor Gavin Newsom did when China’s Xi Jinping paid a visit to San Francisco a few months ago. But as far as their own taxpayers are concerned, they could care less. Their standard of living has to be diminished for the globalist goal of equity.